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Dale Brown (aka Dale Dupree) SEO Enthusiast, Author, and Affiliate Marketer, I embrace new trends and look for opportunities to utilize them.

Came across “Younique Products” after my daughter Jasmin mentioned it to me over dinner one evening, she asked “what I thought about Younique as a business?” My response was simply, let me check and see how many people searched for the term “Younique” and compare the to how many websites are optimized for that keyword.

After I completed that simply task, I got what was considered an SEO jackpot. A amazing 28,000 people searched the term “Younique” in google, while only 5 websites were optimized for that keyword. (no type error) Repeat, 28,000 people looked for “Younique” in google, and only 5 website owners submitted their website to google.

Now out of those 5 only one had done any seo work done on their website. (no type error) Repeat out of those 5 only 1 had any backlinks.

From the beginning I focused on the aspects of SEO and internet marketing, they were second nature for me. I built my Younique businesson those natural marketing principles while running the back end. Social Marketing was a secondary skill, so I focused on the SEO marketing of Younique sites, which then built traffic and revenue.

Small changes can equal big results in traffic generation. Once a base of traffic and revenue is built, I am not afraid to experiment with the site. Once the traffic is there, small changes in design and structure can make big changes in more even traffic and revenue. Ad placement, recurring subscriptions and affiliate marketing can add value to a site without disrupting the base of revenue. Monitor traffic daily, to see how your changes have affected traffic and or revenue. If it’s not working, I can always go back to the way it was.

Younique Products

Younique Business

Younique Amazon




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